With a wealth of history and educational richness behind it, Massillon occupies a prominent position within the educational institutions of Clermont-Ferrand.


It has the reputation of a "home" where the whole community of families, teachers, students and non-teaching staff blossoms in a climate of mutual confidence.


The international tradition of Massillon is being developed even further through both the Primary and Secondary International Sections, and through numerous international events.


A high quality pastoral programme is available to all.


All the members of the educational community have common goals in the areas of teaching, in general education and in the pastoral programme. When you enrol your children in Massillon you are sharing these objectives.




The Bilingual International School


The mission of the Bilingual International School is to prepare students of all nationalities for the British IGCSE examinations and the American High School Diploma (PSAT/SAT, AP).


For further information please contact : www.ebi-clermont.fr